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Meeting Programs

HLAA-SD Programs for Meetings

(Subject to change)


January 21 - We will have a panel/discussion on what makes life meaningful for us, with or without hearing loss. How do we maintain purpose-driven lives? Let's discuss it! 

February 18 - Holly Skinner of Desyncra will discuss their innovative new product to treat tinnitus.

March 18 - Please join us for a discussion on Hearing Loss in the Healthcare Setting. Also, share technical and copinng strategies with new attendees!

April 15 - Maeve Browne, Engagement Manager for Cochlear Corporation, will present on the latest Cochlear hearing technologies.

May 20 - Audiologist Linda Oliver will update us on the latest and greatest in hearing aid technology. One product is advertised to process sound more quickly. Can it be true? Linda's motto is "There are few people I can't get to hear just a little bit better!" Bring your questions!

June 17 - Our very own Larry (that's me) will be presenting on "Coping with Hearing Loss". A better title might be "how we hear, what can go wrong, and what you can do about it", but that's awfully long!

July 16 - No Meeting in July

August 20 - No Meeting in August

September 16 - Officer Jeff Skiba from the San Diego Police Chiefs Advisory Board will be talking about personal safety, general law enforcement interaction, and the current scams affecting people/seniors. And of course tips on communicating with police when you have a hearing loss! Whether you are an HLAA member or a newbie, don't miss this informative meeting. We will have CART (real-time captioning). Join people just like you to navigate the hearing loss journey! Jeff Skiba is a police officer and a Paralympic athlete from the United States competing mainly in category P44 pentathlon events. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeff_Skiba

October 21 - Join us Saturday October 21 to discuss and share latest technologies to make the most of our hearing! Also joining us will be Martha V. Hernandez, Southern California Outreach Coordinator from Hamilton Relay who will tell us about the latest and greatest phone technologies, many of which are free to people with hearing loss.

November 18 - Thanksgiving Pot Luck

December 16 - Holiday Celebration

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